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What is Morlais?

Morlais is a Menter Môn project which aims to benefit local communities, the economy and environment through renewable low carbon electricity generation.

The Morlais project manages a 35 km2 area of seabed near Holy Island, Anglesey. It has the potential to become one of the largest tidal stream energy sites in the world with a generating capacity of up to 240MW of clean electricity.

The first stage of the project aims to secure consent for the development of the demonstration zone. Community and stakeholder consultation and engagement has been a key part of this process. The consent application was submitted in the autumn of 2019, a decision is expected by Welsh Ministers later in 2021.

Subject to achieving consent and approval, the second stage aims to put the necessary infrastructure in place for developers of tidal stream energy converters to deploy their technology in the zone. Implementation will be phased which means devices will be installed on a small scale to ensure that the development does not negatively impact marine wildlife. Only when it is certain that there are no negative impacts will the project be scaled up.

What is Menter Môn?

Menter Môn is a social enterprise which works across north Wales to deliver a range of regeneration, environmental and cultural projects for the benefit of local communities. By working in partnership with government, the third sector, business and individuals, Menter Môn attracts funding from different sources to add value and to contribute to creating a sustainable future.

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About Morlais

  • Morlais will provide the infrastructure for developers of tidal energy converters to deploy their tidal devices on a commercial scale.
  • There will be a very controlled phased deployment, with the first turbines being carefully and extensively monitored - only when it is confirmed that there are no negative impacts will further devices be installed.
  • Morlais has the potential to generate up to 240 MW of electricity.
  • The electricity will be transmitted from the Morlais site to the National Grid.
  • Depending on the types of tidal devices used, some may be visible above the sea surface and others will be fully submerged and hidden from view.
  • Any moving turbine parts or rotors will be below the sea surface.
  • For safety purposes there will be some navigation markers showing the location of the devices.
  • Any devices on the surface will have lights similar to the navigation lights on small boats.
  • Electricity will be brought to a substation on shore via a maximum of 9 sub-sea cables.
  • Electricity will be exported from this landfall substation to the existing electricity network via buried cables to grid substation.

How will Morlais Benefit Local Communities?

  • Morlais aims to develop a long term and sustainable source of revenue to reinvest locally via Menter Môn projects.
  • The aim is to develop a local supply chain and skills to enable local communities to make the most of the economic opportunities.
  • Morlais has the potential to attract new investment to the area.
  • The project can establish north Wales as a world leader in marine energy.
  • By generating low carbon, clean electricity Morlais will contribute to safeguarding the environment.
  • Morlais will secure a renewable and reliable energy source of electricity.

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