Developer Profile – Inyanga

Inyanga Consortium

Inyanga is the lead partner in a consortium of developers who have come together to work with Morlais.

Based in Falmouth the company was set up in 2018 and since then has been involved in almost every marine renewable device installation in the UK, including Minesto, off the north coast of Anglesey.


Consortium partners:

Inyanga Maritime Ltd

Inyanga Maritime has installed 100% of Wales tidal energy capacity to date and has been responsible for over 60% of EU total installed tidal energy capacity. By working with Morlais Inyanga is looking to provide its expertise and experience to ensure the long-term commercial success of the Morlais project.

Team members have pioneered best practice for the tidal energy sector and worked with most past and current developers to devise and implement more effective, safe and manageable installation and maintenance strategies.

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HydroWing Ltd

A relatively newcomer to the development scene, HydroWing Ltd was founded in 2017.

The HydroWing technology was conceived in response to the challenges faced by the sector in providing cost effective and simple to maintain tidal power whilst ensuring commercial scalability. The technology includes a multiturbine foundation designed around safe and cost-effective installation and maintenance.

In 2019 HydroWing moved from industry newcomer to take its place amongst sector leaders with a joint venture takeover of leading turbine developer, Tocardo BV. This has given the company access to one of the most cost effective, reliable, and proven tidal turbines in the sector. HydroWing is now 50% owner of Trocardo BV.

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Tocardo BV

Tocardo was amongst the first companies to venture into the tidal energy sector with over 20 years experience of developing and operating tidal turbine technology. Tocardo attributes its success to its approach to technological development which has seen the company design, innovate, and test technology at small scale with incremental scale up.

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