Developer Profile – Verdant

About Verdant

Verdant Power is a leader in the global marine renewable energy industry, developing systems that deliver clean power from tidal and river currents.  Through its initiatives worldwide, the company has developed industry-leading capabilities as a technology provider, developer, owner, and operator.

Established in 2000, the company is based in New York with subsidiaries in the UK and Canada.

Verdant Power is the first and only company with system performance validated by the European Marine Energy Centre to international (IEC) standards.

Apart from Morlais, Verdant is also involved in the Ramsey Sound project which will be followed by projects in England and Scotland. Verdant Power is currently conducting tidal power resource assessments in Canada’s Bay of Fundy and Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

Since the company was founded, Verdant has won several awards and received recognition including the Company Pioneer Award from Energy Ocean International; Innovations Award from Veteran Wireless Operators Association; and America’s Best & Brightest from Esquire Magazine – to name a few.  It has also featured in The New York Times; The Economist; Bloomberg-Business Week; The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, amongst others.

Verdant and Morlais

Verdant Power has been on board with Morlais, since 2016 – the project is key to the Verdant Power programme of transformation to full global commercialisation.  It is in Wales that the company’s supply chain will be established and many of its new hires will reside.

Verdant Power’s turbine system incorporates a horizontal-axis, open three-bladed, downstream rotor installed fully under water, which is invisible from shore. The turbine system is designed principally for oceans, tides, and rivers.  The rotor drives custom designed gearing and a generator, located within the main body of the turbine, to generate electricity, which is transferred to onshore equipment via an underwater cable. The turbine rotor turns at a relatively slow and steady rate.


Achievements and milestones

  • First company in the world, to install and operate a grid-connected array of tidal turbines (2006)
  • First to receive a pilot commercial license from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • First to receive a feasibility study grant for marine energy from the U.S. Trade & Development Agency (USTDA)
  • First to be issued a marine energy Renewable Energy Test Report (RETR) that follows EMEC becoming the world’s first International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Renewable Energy Testing Laboratory (RETL)