We have worked with a range of specialists across many sectors to prepare our consent application. They include:

Royal Haskoning DHV –

“We are an independent international engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation.

We focus on delivering added value for our clients while at the same time addressing the challenges that societies are facing. These include the growing world population and the consequences for towns and cities; the demand for clean drinking water, water security and water safety; pressures on traffic and transport; resource availability and demand for energy and waste issues facing industry.”

Setters –

“We specialise in coaching safety performance improvement and culture development focused on risk and reward. Many of our customers, often operating in high risk industries, approach us because although they have significantly reduced the number of accidents and incidents occurring, they are not consistently achieving zero harm. What we do reflects our belief that real safety performance improvement is a balance of systems plus people.”

Black & Veatch –

“For over a century, engineering and design have been our core competencies. This translates into higher constructability, reliability and quality on every project.

Our professionals apply global experience and resources to arrive at the right solutions for our clients.”

Ateb –

“Ateb specialises in Welsh language and bilingual communications and consultation. We also provide support and advice on Welsh language matters including compliance with language regulation, development of Welsh language schemes and staff training. Based in north west Wales, we work with private, public and third sector organisations across Wales and beyond.”

Eversheds Sutherland –

“As a global top 15 law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides legal advice and solutions to a global client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest multinationals.

Our teams of lawyers around the world operate seamlessly to deliver the legal know-how and strategic alignment that clients need from their advisors to help further their business interests. Clients describe us as creative and well-versed in cutting edge legal work – we listen well in order to understand how and where we can be most effective and add the greatest value.

We shape our advice to the unique circumstances and challenges of each project, and ensure the right people are in the right places to offer insight and certainty – from the day-to-day to the most complex, multijurisdictional matters.”




Aquantis Inc. –

“Aquantis, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, was formed in 2011 to develop and commercialize marine current turbines. Aquantis is built on the founders’ three-decade legacy of successful wind power technology development, manufacturing and building power projects around the world. This deep knowledge is now applied to advancing ocean current power generation, joining with wind and solar toward displacing carbon fuels and helping to mitigate the burdens of climate change and degradation of the biosphere.”

Big Moon Power LLC –

“Big Moon Power was founded by former President and Executive Vice President, Xerox Services, Lynn Blodgett in 2015.

Big Moon’s technology addresses and solves the greatest challenges to the tidal industry. There is no sea-floor attachment, no electrical components, no in-stream tidal turbine, and no reliance on the rising or falling of the tide.

Further, Big Moon’s installation cost is low and provides a short path to commercial availability. Big Moon’s implementations are simple to maintain and provide a low capitalized cost per megawatt hour competitive with other renewable sources of energy. The result is energy that is inexpensive, clean, safe, and perpetually generated.”


Instream Energy Systems Corp. –

“Instream Energy Systems is a developer of hydrokinetic power systems and tidal generation projects. Instream works with local partners, project developers and stakeholders to deliver turbines for tidal and inland waterway projects. Since its inception in 2008, Instream, together with design partner BAE Systems, has developed a patented high-efficiency vertical axis turbine and demonstrated its viability at projects in Canada and the U.S.”

Magallanes Renovables SL –

“Magallanes Renovables is a Spanish company independently established in 2009 with the objective of harnessing ocean energy as a new resource to the renewable energy mix. It is focused on the development, industrialization and exploitation of a technology capable of harnessing energy from the sea currents in an efficient, reliable and profitable way. In 2018 they launched their first full-scale 1,5MW platform that has been under testing since. Magallanes’ philosophy is to take up as much developed technology as is available from mature industries to minimize technology risk and focus on the technical challenges that are unique to tidal energy. Successful results prove that Magallanes has developed a disruptive high output, robust and cost-effective system, a combination necessary to create a new renewable energy market.”

Nova Innovation Ltd. –

“Nova Innovation, founded in 2010, is a leading tidal energy industry player headquartered in Edinburgh. Nova Innovation design, build and operate tidal energy devices, and develop sites for arrays of tidal turbines.

Nova Innovation are passionate about having a cleaner environment and reducing the need for fossil fuels, for current and future generations. And are committed to engage with and source from local supply chains: Nova Innovation believe that the resources and expertise of coastal communities will make a major contribution to the success of tidal power.

Nova Innovation’s aim is to be the world’s leading tidal energy technology company. Drawing on past lessons from the wind power sector, Nova Innovation strongly believe that the way to achieve this is to demonstrate commercial devices at a relatively small (sub-megawatt) scale, then scale up in size as the technology is proven: start small, think big, move fast.”

Orbital Marine Power Ltd. –

“Scottish based Orbital Marine Power has established itself as the leader of innovative tidal stream engineering, having pioneered a unique floating turbine solution after over fifteen years of intensive research, development and scale model testing. Credited with developing the technology to transform the future of tidal energy on a global scale, Orbital’s proprietary technology is capable of producing a step-change reduction in the cost of energy from tidal currents.

Currently in construction is the Orbital O2 tidal turbine, which will be the world’s most powerful tidal turbine and is due to be installed at EMEC’s Fall of Warness tidal test site in Orkney in 2021. Improvements in Orbital’s platform design have allowed for a rotor diameter increase of 4m on the company’s previous, record breaking, 2MW SR2000 turbine, with the O2 capable of producing electricity for over 1,700 UK homes.”


“Founded in 2008, SABELLA is a French company developing an innovative tidal stream technology. With two field-tested devices, including the first French grid-connected tidal turbine in 2015, and two pilot tidal arrays under development, the company is at the forefront of tidal energy development in France and Europe. With its differentiated robust and reliable range of technologies, SABELLA promotes a new energy model tailored for remote grids and isolated shore communities. Based on a clean, predictable, and reliable resource, SABELLA’s technology offers a sustainable and economic alternative to costly and polluting fuel-based power generation systems.”


Sustainable Marine Energy


Verdant Isles Ltd.

“Founded in 2000, Verdant Power’s mission is to help build sustainable communities through a holistic approach focused on clean energy generation as well as advancing partnerships and hybrid platforms to make significant impacts at the water-energy nexus.

Verdant Power develops technologies and projects that generate village- and utility-scale power from the energy of free-flowing currents of tides, rivers, and canals, referred to as marine renewable or “instream” energy.

Verdant Power, headquartered in New York, NY, is a global company with subsidiaries in Canada and the UK. In 2014, Verdant partnered with Irish contractor Belleville Duggan Renewables to form Verdant Isles Ltd., which is focused on project development in Ireland and Wales.”