Morlais are Currently looking to Procure the following services via Sell2Wales:

Morlais EMMP Lead and Consultancy Support Services

The project is looking for a suitable consultant to lead on the development of the projects Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Plan inline with the planning requirements. This work will include but may not be limited to, support regarding marine mammals and ornithology. Further details of the work required can be found in the ITT document  – Please follow the link – EMMP Lead & Consultancy Support Services


Supply Chain Working Group

Morlais have established a supply chain working group in order to maximise jobs and work opportunities for local people and businesses through the project.

13/05/2021 The group met for the first time and the Morlais Project was introduced. Members of the group shared their experience and capabilities and an agenda for future meetings was agreed.

22/06/2021 A productive meeting was held where many ideas were shared on how to promote funding for upskilling and business development through the Morlais Project so that the existing local supply chain is ready and able to tender for work from Morlais and its Developers over coming years.