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Morlais Marine User Survey 

Morlais Tourism and Recreation Forum 

Morlais have established a Tourism and Recreation Forum to ensure the sustainable tidal energy project delivers community benefits across the board. The forum gives representatives of a sub-sector/group the opportunity to discuss the needs at a sector level.

16/05/2022 The forum met for the first time and the Morlais project was introduced. Members of the group shared their experience and capabilities and an agenda for future meetings was agreed.

2022_05_16 Tourism & Recreational Forum Minutes FINAL V2.0

27/09/2022 The Tourism and Recreational Forum met for the second time online to discuss opportunities within the sector with representatives of various sub groups.

2022_09_27 Tourism & Recreational Forum Minutes FINAL V1.0

13/12/2022 A third Morlais Tourism and Recreation Forum was held where positive discussions were had regarding opportunities within the sector.

2022_12_13 Tourism & Recreation Forum Minutes FINALV1.0