Language at the heart of Morlais developments

A recent assessment of the language abilities of employees on the Morlais scheme has shown that 93% have Welsh skills and that 65% are fluent speakers.

One of Menter Môn’s commitments at the start of the tidal energy scheme was to ensure that the local area would benefit from the project. These latest figures are evidence, according to Menter Môn that Morlais is now delivering on its original aim of securing benefits for the community by providing job opportunities.

Dafydd Gruffydd, Menter Môn’s Managing Director said: “Since the beginning of this project securing benefits for Anglesey and across north Wales has been crucial and is what lies at the heart of Morlais. These statistics are proof that we are doing something right, with a large majority of those leading and working on the project being Welsh-speakers and living locally.

“Both Jones Bros and OBR Construction are businesses based in Wales, and we are extremely proud to be working so closely with them on such a unique project. There is a close relationship between language and work, with a strong economy brings stability to communities and families and helps promote the Welsh language.”

Menter Iaith Môn’s Chief Officer Elen Hughes added: “This is great news and reflects the project’s positive impact on the Welsh language as well as the local community. There is a shortage of jobs in rural areas in north west Wales and as a result keeping our young people here is a significant challenge. So, it’s great to see companies in the construction sector employing local people.

“We are pleased that the Welsh language is an integral part of working here on Anglesey and that our partners use the language naturally on a daily basis.”

The project is funded by the European Regional Development fund through the Welsh Government.  It is also supported by the Isle of Anglesey County Council, North Wales Growth Deal, as well as The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.