Road Closure Map – 22nd November 2022

November 23rd 2022 Update;

  • Section 1 (no closure required) started as planned in November and will continue to be controlled with a traffic light arrangement. This section has been delayed due to dealing with a culvert and some wet ground and is now expected to finish just before Christmas 2022.
  • The South Stack Road closure remains in section 2 to allow the ducts to be installed there. This closure will be until Christmas 2022 which also includes the installation of the cable between JP1 and JP3. Access to local residents and businesses will be maintained.
  • The cables for the rest of South Stack Road will be installed and joined together at the joint pits shown in blue dots on the drawing throughout the first half of 2023 under traffic light control to allow traffic through. Further information will be available as the project progresses.
  • Unfortunately, a full road closure will be required on Porth Dafarch Rd during February and March 2023, due to the position of existing infrastructure which means we have to construct in the middle of the road.
  • We continue to apologise for any inconvenience during the works.

Morlais Roadworks 2022 (Nov 22 update)