Menter Mônʼs main aim for acting as the third party manager for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is to secure maximum benefit for the economy of Anglesey and wider north Wales area. The project will involve developing the zone to accommodate marine technology developers as well as servicing their requirements once they have located on Anglesey. Both elements will require a wide range of services and skills which will be accessed locally whenever possible. Some examples are provided below:

  • Permitting and consenting
  • Vessel hire
  • Environmental and geotechnical monitoring
  • Maritime operations consultancy
  • Fabrication and final assembly
  • Underwater substation pod
  • Cable installation
  • Installation of telecommunications to shore station
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Port facilities
  • Office space
  • Accommodation
  • Training


Menter Môn has delivered business support services in North Wales for over 20 years and is therefore well placed to identify and develop supply chains. It will also contribute to the wider aim of developing the Island as a renewable energy hub that offers opportunities for a highly skilled workforce that could otherwise leave the area. We will seek to work closely with The Energy Island and Anglesey County Council to achieve this.

There is an opportunity for diversification and development of the local supply chain. 

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