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Through Morlais, Menter Môn wants to maximise the benefit to the economy of Ynys Môn and the wider north Wales area.

The project offers opportunities during the construction and operational phase - both with the turbine developers and with Morlais itself.
From the outset, Morlais has been committed to making the most of local services and skills.
Here are potential areas where business and job opportunities will arise:

  • Specialist construction

  • Environmental and geo-technical monitoring

  • Marine consultancy

  • Fabrication and final installation

  • Boat hire

  • Laying cables and grid connections

  • Installation of telecommunications systems

  • Maintenance

  • Port facilities

  • Offices

  • Accommodation

  • Training

Menter Môn has provided support services to businesses for almost 20 years and is therefore highly qualified to identify and develop the supply chain for Morlais.
The project will also contribute to the wider aim of developing the island into a hub specialising in renewable energy, creating opportunities for high quality jobs.
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