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Morlais is committed to creating and providing opportunities to develop local skills. It is working with further and higher education institutions across North Wales to ensure suitable training is in place to prepare a highly-skilled workforce for the project – from construction to the implementation phase.

Opportunities are available directly with Menter Môn Morlais Ltd and with our contractors and tidal stream energy technology developers who employ apprentices and graduates on our sites.

The opportunities aren't just in engineering and technology. Project managers, graphic designers, accountants, lawyers, marine wildlife experts, renewable energy specialists and many more are already working on the project. These are just some of the skills needed at Morlais now and into the future.

Our partners in skills development and training include:

We run a quarterly working group for relevant partners and stakeholders to promote and maximise the skills development and training opportunities that Morlais offers. To find out more about the Skills and Training Working Group contact our Skills and Training Project Officer.