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Friday June 30th, 2023

Marine Energy Wales and Morlais Sign Memorandum of Understanding

In a significant move aimed at boosting the marine energy sector, Marine Energy Wales (MEW) and Morlais have joined forces today in North Wales, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

MEW is an initiative that supports the growth of the marine energy sector in Wales and manages the £2.7 million Marine Energy Test Area (META) project. Morlais is the 240MW consented tidal stream energy project off the coast of Anglesey.

Their common interest in the development of renewable marine resources, specifically tidal stream energy in Welsh waters, is the driving force behind their collaboration. The aim is to address common challenges, as well as encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practice, positioning Wales at the forefront of the international marine energy industry.

“Morlais is a nationally important project that will enable crucial development of tidal stream technology and get marine renewable electricity flowing into the Welsh grid. MEW are proud to support the project, and signing this memorandum of understanding today will allow us to share everything we have learned setting up META (Marine Energy Test Area) and solidify the Welsh test centre network for developing innovation through to commercialisation” said Tom Hill, Programme Manager at MEW.

Key areas of collaboration include promoting capability and skills development, addressing issues around port infrastructure, grid investment and funding, and fostering closer ties with regional stakeholders. Both parties will also explore new ways to use energy resources, streamline planning processes, and attract inward investment.

A host of deliverables have been agreed as part of the MOU, including providing Morlais with contractual support and workshops from META, sharing environmental monitoring information, and promoting each other on their respective digital channels.

Gerallt Llewelyn Jones, Director at Morlais said: “In combining our strengths and expertise, MEW and Morlais are forging a strong alliance to drive the marine energy sector forward. The partnership reinforces our commitment to sustainable development but also positions Wales as leader in marine renewables. Together, we can work to overcome the challenges and create opportunites which will not only benefit Welsh communities but also help mitigate climate change.”

With work on landfall infrastructure and cabling now nearing completion, the first devices under the Morlais project are set to be deployed in 2026.

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