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Tuesday April 25th, 2023

Praise from Holyhead Hotspur for tidal energy project

Morlais has received high praise from the Holyhead Hotspur Football Club for work on site around the Oval in the town.

As work on this particular site draws to a close and the compound at the site is being emptied Davey Hughes a representative of the Holyhead Hotspur football club said: “The Morlais, Jones Bros and Cadarn teams have been amazing and a pleasure to have them as neighbours for the past 15 months. We’ll be sad at the thought of no longer seeing the green Jones Bros vehicles passing the club every day. We want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication and for working with us to minimise any impact on the club.

Davey expressed his gratitude towards Morlais and contractors for their work on the site. He commended the team for their willingness to address any issues that arose during the work, and for installing new goals on the junior pitch.

Gerallt Llewelyn Jones, a director with Morlais added: “We’re grateful to all at Holyhead Hotspur Football Club for working with us as when we were based at the site near their home ground. Being a responsible partner in the community is important to us, we were delighted to received Davey‘s kind words.”

Morlais has been on site near Holyhead Hotspur since February 2022, the main Jones Bros works compound and site office was based at the club whilst work has been ongoing at nearby Parc Cybi.

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